The Swear is an Atlanta-based rock band led by award-winning songwriter Elizabeth Elkins. Driven by a punk work ethic, the band has played hundreds of shows across the United States since its beginnings in 2005, and has released two records. The band's songs have been on many television shows, including Smallville, Rescue Me and Jersey Shore.

The group's latest EP is Gold and Hymns and Hell, three maxi-singles. The self-produced set of songs is raw and aggressive - and recorded mostly live - tying the group even closer to its punk roots. With titles like "Pornography on Avenue A" and "Sex and the Drugs", the songs make no attempt at pop perfection. Elkins is at her sneering best with a nothing-to-lose bravado from the boys behind her.

Elkins and the boys will provide another sonic onslaught via a collection of new singles. The band continues to build on the framework of the last collection of singles with a refreshed sound bolstered by guitarist Cooper Carter.

The Swear's songs ring with catchy melodies and Southern gothic themes. Mixing influences from Courtney Love to Morrissey, Alkaline Trio to Muse, the band creates dark power-pop songs that read like great literature. Brooklyn’s Resonator Magazine said, “theirs is one of the greatest rock records released by an Atlanta band. It’s an album of death and passion, full of ringing violence and gorgeous melodies. It’s edgy rawness balanced by pop perfection from a band that should be considered rock's new great hope."

Warped Tour veterans The Swear have also played BMI showcases in Nashville and Los Angeles, and have showcased at CMJ, Chicago's Mobfest, Austin's RedGorilla, Texas Rockfest and SXSW (where Elizabeth, a Grand Prize winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, was a part of the Billboard/BMI Acoustic Brunch).

The band's EP Every Trick's A Good One (produced by Russ-T Cobb; mastered by Howie Weinberg) and LP Hotel Rooms and Heart Attacks (produced by Matt Goldman, Ted Niceley and Jeff Tomei; mixed by Eli Janney and mastered by Howie Weinberg) are available on iTunes worldwide and on this website.

We have had some good things happen to us so far: "Deadfall" was featured in a Converse Shoes commercial; we were finalists in the Rolling Stone/Ray-Ban Never Hide contest; we made the finals of the Discmakers Independent Music World Series two years in a row; we made the Atlanta finals of Hard Rock Calling; we won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands 7; we've been featured in Guitar Player, The Sunday Paper’s Atlanta It List and Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta (twice!) and, back when radio mattered, our songs were some of the highest charting unsigned singles on commercial specialty show playlists.

The Swear songs on television and in the movies: E! Entertainment Television, River Monsters (Animal Planet), Monsters Inside Me (Animal Planet), I Almost Got Away With It (Investigation Discovery), Smallville (The CW), Rescue Me (FX), Switched at Birth (ABC Family), Beyond the Break (The N), Roswell (The WB), Reunion (FOX), Life As We Know It (ABC), Wanted (TNT), Outward Bound (The Discovery Channel), Monster Bug Wars (Australia TV), Tool Academy and Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew (VH1), 16 & Pregnant, Jersey Shore, The Real World, Made, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Valemont, Cribs, Teen Cribs, Parental Control, True Life, Bromance, Disaster Date, Ten on Top, Laguna Beach, The Seven and My Super Sweet 16 (MTV), A Decade of Cribs (MTV2), Atlanta Tonight (UPN), Tr3s, CNN, YouTube's Lonelygirl15 and Comcast On Demand. Films: Surreal (New York International Independent Film & Video Festival), The Delivery Boy Chronicles, Cross Country and By Chance.

The Swear is proud to be a part of the artist family at Gibson Guitars, Gretsch Guitars, GHS Strings, Fractal Audio Systems, Marshall Amps, George L's Cables, Bareknuckle Pick-ups, Pedaltrain, Ampeg, InTune Guitar Picks and Rotosound.

From the press:

Listed in best albums of the year in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Creative Loafing and Georgia Music Magazine.

"Brings to mind the glam-slam brilliance of the New York Dolls." -Performer Magazine

"If you take Iggy Pop's ball sweat, the Dead Kennedys' bong water, a single tear from Henry Rollins and stir in Mike Ness' semen, you would come up with The Swear." -Psychobilly Productions

"Sometimes you just dig a good pop song where the guitarists are punching and jabbing through the melody and groove in a way that truly lifts things up. In this regard, Elizabeth Elkins and Jeremy Zamora are rock warriors with total command of meaty riffs, feedback swells, dynamics, and churning, crunching chords."-Guitar Player

"Elkins leads The Swear with a thundering certainty."-Paste Magazine

"The Swear is terrific. Memorable guitar riffs and a thundering rhythm section careen behind Elkins' vocals. The songs paint vivid portraits of envy, jealousy and the things we do for love and lust."
-The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Hotel Rooms is one of the greatest rock records released by an Atlanta band. An album of death and passion, full of ringing violence and gorgeous melodies. The Swear write dark power-pop songs that read like great literature. Edgy rawness balanced by pop perfection from a band that should be considered rock's new great hope."-Resonator Magazine

"Elkins is tough, assertive, expressive. 'Vampire' is a sort of speeded-up-girl-doing-Geddy-Lee-prog-punk. 'Shuttered Off Christine' is forboding but banging. The Swear's music is not especially joyful, to my ears. Odd thing is, I like it anyway." -Chuck Eddy, Rolling Stone